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  • Selection of plastic toothbrush filaments

    Selection of plastic toothbrush filaments

    Modern people pay more and more attention to oral health. As a tool that enters the oral cavity every day, toothbrushes are getting more and more attention. However, the material and layout of most toothbrush filaments are relatively simple, and toothbrush manufacturers do not know how to choose ...
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  • How to make good quality plastic broom brush wire

    How to make good quality plastic broom brush wire

    Broom Brush is an indispensable cleaning tool in our life. It is often used for cleaning, descaling, dust removal and etc. The plastic wire/bristle/filament/fiber used for brooms is particular about softness and resilience. Ordinary broom plastic wires Generally, it is made of PP or PET, and the ...
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  • The 16th Ningbo International Plastic and Rubber Industry Exhibition 2022

    The 16th Ningbo International Plastic and Rubber Industry Exhibition 2022

    The plastic industry is the traditional advantageous industry in Ningbo area, and also the key industry supported and developed by Ningbo City. In recent years, the plastic industry in Ningbo develops rapidly. The annual output and sales are among the top in China. It has become one of the larges...
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  • Plastic Cosmetic Brush Filament Production Line

    Plastic Cosmetic Brush Filament Production Line

    Synthetic fiber: Generally polyester and nylon Advantages: washable, not afraid of oil and water, cheap, no animal odor. Suitable for making foundation brush, eye shadow brush, lip brush. Disadvantages: the texture is hard, the face is pricked, the fainting force is general. Natural animal hair:...
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  • Plastic filament extruder machine line test and shipment

    Plastic filament extruder machine line test and shipment

    2022 year is a tough year for all companies especially for export companies. Due to Covid virus, foreign customers can not come to inspect supplier, and can not come to check machine quality. So many orders are pending. Although we are facing this difficult situation, we have signed around 15 or...
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  • Machine line test of PP synthetic hair fiber

    On Mar.22th,2022, we test one complete PP synthetic hair fiber production machine line for our Africa customer. This is a special designed PP synthetic hair wig monofilament machine line, because the sample we got from customer is special kind not normal one. The advantages of PP synthetic hair a...
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  • How to choose the material of false eyelashes

    False eyelashes are a very common beauty product these days. Proper operation makes the eyes look beautiful, so be extra careful when using them. However, the difference in material also makes these false eyelashes different in appearance, experience and effect. What kind of false eyelashes are g...
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  • About plastic PP synthetic hair fiber

    Features of PP synthetic hair/wig: * High degree of simulation * Soft and smooth to the touch (similar to human hair) * Realistic colors, vivid colors and bright gloss * Multiple colors * It is easy to curl and form, and the setting time is long * Easy to comb, good drape   The advantages o...
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  • The difference between PET broom filament and PP broom filament

    PET—-Through the improvement of nucleating agent, crystallizing agent and glass fiber reinforcement, PET has the following characteristics in addition to the properties of PBT. 1. The heat distortion temperature and long-term use temperature are the highest among thermoplastic general engin...
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  • The best manufacturer of plastic filament extruding machine line in China

    Among all the supplier of plastic filament production machine line in China, Qingdao Zhuoya Machinery Co., your best choice. As a leader in plastic filament machine field, our company focus on plastic round monofilament machine design and manufacture only. In order to supply suitable machi...
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  • Brush filament characteristics of various materials

    The major material of brush filaments are polyester, polypropylene and nylon. Polyester is PET, PBT, polypropylene is PP filament, Nylon filament is divided into pa6, pa66, pa610, pa612, what are the characteristics of brush fiber of these materials? 1, PET, PBT filament chemical name Polybutyle...
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  • Analysis of foreign trade trends in 2022

    Since the outbreak of the overseas epidemic, my country’s foreign trade industry has been on a tear. Since the second half of last year, my country’s total import and export value has been growing for 14 consecutive months, and the scale of trade has reached a new high in nearly 10 ye...
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