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  • “Customers Picture Wall” of Qingdao Zhuoya Machinery company

    For all the customers who have visited our clients, you will find that there is a wall which displays many pictures of our clients who have successful business cooperation with us. We focus on plastic monofilament machine production line for about 20 years. Through continuous develop, we can des...
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  • New shipment of PET broom brush filament machine line for Asian market client

    On 17th, July, we arranged containers loading for our client. This is a complete PET&PP broom brush filament production line. Although due to Covid 2019 situation, our client can not come and visit us, they trust our machine line quality and company service. Our clinet inspected machine line ...
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  • Let the whole world work together to fight the epidemic

    The sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic has swept the world and threatened the public health security of the world. Major infectious diseases are the enemy of all mankind. Under the epidemic situation, no country can deal with this common enemy alone, and no country can take care of itself and re...
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  • How to maintain the plastic filament extruding machine after the screw is worn out?

    1. Each plastic has an ideal plasticizing temperature processing range, and the processing temperature of the filament extruding machine barrel should be controlled to make it close to this temperature range. When granular plastic enters the barrel from the hopper, it will first reach the feeding...
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  • Test of PET High imitation human hair synthetic hair fiber machine line

    On June.04th 2021, we test a complete PET synthetic hair fiber machine line successfully. This PET synthetic hair fiber machine line is customized to meet double production capacity with low cost. From raw material mix till the end finished PET imitation hair fiber, our client is satisfied with t...
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  • Delivery of PET broom round monofilament machine line

    On May.22nd, 2021, we arrange delivery of one new PET broom round monofilament machine line for clients. It becomes more and more popular due to its advantages. 100% recycled PET bottle flakes, easy operation line, low production cost etc makes our machine line welcomed by clients from many count...
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  • Market development analysis of plastic monofilament drawing machine

    With the advancement of science and technology, the degree of automation of the plastic filament drawing machine is gradually improved. From the previous three workers to the current operation, it only needs one worker to operate. It can run without any apprentices with skills and practical knowl...
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  • Test of new PET broom brush filament machine line for Sri Lanka client

    On April.26,2021, we finished test of one complete PET broom brush filament machine line for our Sri Lanka client. This machine line took 50 days from order confirmation to test according to our agreement. From raw material drying to the filament winding, oven calibration, filament cutting and w...
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  • Plastic safety net

    A safety net is a protective net set under or on its side during the installation of high-altitude construction equipment or art performances to prevent accidents caused by people or objects falling. The safety net is composed of a net body, side ropes, tethers and tendons. The net body is knitte...
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  • Plastic PET rope machine line test

    Plastic PET rope is produced by 100% recycled PET bottle flakes, so the production cost is very cheap. PET rope is welcomed by market and it can be instead of many kinds plastic ropes such as PP, PE, PA etc. On Mar.27th,2021, our company tested one new complete PET rope production line for foreig...
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  • PBT cosmetic brush filament/fiber shipments on Mar.10th,2021

    On Mar.10th,2021, we arranged shipments of PBT cosmetic brush fiber production line for our Indian client. Total three containers needed for the complete production line. Plastic PBT PET cosmetic brush filament extruding machine line is for producing high quality monofilament which will be used t...
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  • Recycled plastic material market situation

    At the end of the Spring Festival holiday, there are frequent good news in the recycling field. The industry resumes work and production, and is positive about the market outlook. It is expected that the recycled PE market will rise by about 100-200 yuan/ton in the later period. We hope situation...
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